Saturday, October 6, 2007

The basic floorplan

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This is the floor plan of the house we chose. As shown it is 2045 sf but we have made it a three car garage so it will extend ten ft to the right and will make it 2245 sf. Should be enough for two old folks and a couple of cats. There are some modifications in the master bath. The double door is moved to the closet and the door to the bath from the bedroom is a single door. The enclosure around the toilet is gone. The tub is deleted and the shower will be six feet long 42" X 72", with marble walls, seat, and pan. The shower door will be a sliding door. The window on the outside wall between the shower and the closet will open for ventilation.


SBH said...

Thank you, Gentle Machinist, we are looking forward to sharing this adventure with you and Little Mouse...

Machinist said...

Thank you, Gentle Lady. I would feel bad posting this much on the wheel. It should be fun.