Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And she says she's not an Angel...


A dear and precious friend in Oregon e-mailed me that she had made and packed some cinnamon bread for me but was not able to ship it because of the ice and snow. The household was going to open them and have a party but they heard that an elderly lady down the street was alone and snowed in so they carried the bread and a pot of hot stew down to her house and they shoveled the snow off her stairs and had hot chocolate with her. This is no surprise to anyone who knows these folks.

I wrote to her that I had never gotten so much joy from a loaf of bread before. This would be the very essence of Christmas Spirit except this is typical of these people all year round! May you all find joy, comfort, and contentment this Christmas Season. I find I have so much to be thankful for in my friends and associates. Thank you all.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank you, Paul Weyrich.


Paul Weyrich has passed away. The world is diminished by his absence. I first saw him on TV about 14 years ago. He had a program on his satellite station, NET Network. I greatly admire his integrity and his character. When I started to feel cynical, or despaired the lack of honor and honesty in politics it was the thought that he was active and respected in politics that helped keep me from giving up on the country. I did not share his religious beliefs but I greatly respected his uncompromising devotion to his faith. He was a credit to his church and a blessing to this country. I wish I knew of another of his caliber.

Thank you, Sir, for all that you have done for America and all that you have unknowingly given to me. You have inspired me with your character and wisdom and set a standard I have and will strive to honor, though I can never match it. May you find peace and rest.