Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Well, it's over. I find myself rather bummed about the results and what it says about the American people, but I don't think we will see marshal law and Brownshirts in the streets any time soon. We have just kicked out the firemen and turned over full control to the arsonists who set fire to our economy and looted our treasury, with instructions to "fix" it and full access to our bank account and credit. WEEEEE!!!

The Democrats have controlled the legislature for two years. They now have bigger majorities in the house and senate as well as the Whitehouse. How long will they be able to blame their failures and the consequences of their actions on the Republicans and George Bush? Maybe this is what Nancy meant when she said that increasing the house majority for Democrats would make it more bipartisan, they would take the pork and the Republicans would take the heat?

My biggest concerns are:

--The threat to energy development by the bans I expect on drilling and exploitation of oil shale.

--The damage to the economy of regulation and higher taxes along with higher energy costs.

--The threat of federal laws against firearms and ammunition, through bans, regulations, or taxes, and the higher crime rates that will bring. It could roll back the progress we have made against crime as 40 states passed "right to carry" laws and saw their crime rates drop. It also disarms citizens at a time when the words and intention of the second amendment ring quite loudly.

--The threat from terrorist forces when the military is forced to stop fighting them overseas and they return to our shores with a renewed sense of immunity.

In one sense I am lucky as I don't expect any surprises or buyers remorse. Although Obama is a shameless liar he has been rather open about that. He has lied openly and publicly so no one can say they were deceived except by their own desire to be deceived. If you ignore what he said he has been rather consistent about his intentions and beliefs. The people who think Obama will pay for their gas and mortgage may be in for a rude awakening and that tax rebate will not seem so cool if it comes with a pink slip. I wonder how many working class Democrats are going to find themselves like autoworkers, with high pay but no job? As for me, any surprises will be good ones.

I suppose the biggest question will be if Obama has the sense to go slow enough not to scare the horses. If his arrogance leads him to move too fast, he may find himself saddled with a Republican congress and senate, as Clinton did. We shall just have to see what happens. I didn't think there was much chance for this election, though I didn't expect this bad a result. The energy and excitement that Sarah brought to the campaign gave me some hope. Now I'm just bummed.

I want to crawl off and hide.