Monday, July 27, 2009

Safe travels, Chell!

Chells Roost


We will watch and wait for your return.



sillyblindharper said...

Be safe, Chell.

Cheers, Gentle Mac...

Machinist said...

Always a honor when you drop by, Gentle Lady. Thank you!

Laurie said...

My RSS feed detected a new post on your blog, so I thought I'd pop in to see what's going on over here.

I don't know Chell, but I hope for safe travels, as well!

Take care, Mac!

sue said...

I sure appreciate your kind words Jeff. I remember visiting you awhile back, I hope I was nice!! LOL!! So even if we have differing views I see we share the same nice friends, what could be better than that!! Come back again Jeff, I need the support and the intelligent comments! Sue

Machinist said...

Thank you, Sue! Of course you were nice and I welcome you any time.

If I don't accept your kind and welcome invitation to comment at your blog much, it is because I don't think your other commenters would appreciate my presence there or your welcoming that presence. When I first commented at Papa's blog some of them were becoming quite hostile to Mat for not condemning me. I was alarmed at the direction I saw things going and e-mailed Michael asking him to back off until Mat was back on his blog and could monitor things. That is why I stayed away until he was back. I don't go where I'm not welcome.

I will continue to look in at your site if you don't mind. You have an optimistic outlook I like.

sue said...

Don't be silly Jeff, of course I didn't think you were browbeating! matt is just being a friend! Its refreshing to have other views who aren't meanspirited, come by and comment any time!

Machinist said...

Thank you Sue. I'm glad to hear you say this. To be publicly accused of bullying a woman is on the very short list of the worst things I can be charged with and I really feel sick about it. Once the charge has been made it is impossible to comment without people saying "See, it's true! He's at it again.", so I will stay away. You are most welcome here at any time. I can assure you I would never be rude to you. I hope you know I was just posting a response to B.J. as I thought the post from her was dishonest and twisted.

B.J. regularly makes rude and arrogant comments about me or about my comments. When I respond to her questions or ask her questions she never deigns to respond. In spite of her uncivil rudeness and the personal lies she has told in attacking me have I ever been rude or disrespectful to her? I just don't do this.

Even Michael, who has called me every nasty thing he could find in his limited vocabulary. Have I ever called him names or made personal attacks on his character?

It seems there are few in this circle who can discuss issues without being rude, hateful, and nasty. I don't know how we can work together to solve problems when one side can't even talk about them without demonizing the other. Do Democrats really feel they have enough power to impose their agenda on an unwilling public so they need not persuade. just dictate?

When this runs aground as such arrogance usually does, there will be a desperate need for passionate advocates on both sides, people of good will like yourself who can listen and think and work with others to find common ground.

My respects, Sue.