Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A sweet and beautiful star will very soon drop from the sky. She had only seventeen short years to grow and shine, but I feel the world I live in diminished by her passing. In spite of that I feel all people of virtue and goodness are blessed she was here, for like a nova she burned very bright in her short time and bathed all around her in her light and love. As that warmth disperses it makes this world a better place, even for those who never knew this lovely child.

She grew up in a home rich not in material goods but awash in love, faith, and virtue. More than just reflecting this goodness she burned with all these qualities and reached out far beyond her family to touch other lives.

Dear child, I have loved you like a daughter, more than any flesh and blood of my own. Thank you for blessing my life with your shining example of sublime goodness, and please find peace and relief.


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