Sunday, February 10, 2008

First inspection. We close on Friday.

The guy in charge! He has made this happen for us. I could not be happier with him.


The front.



Anonymous said...

Congrats! I hope the inspection went well.


SillyBlindHarper said...

It's beautiful!! I'm so happy for you both....

Chell said...

I swung by to say I hope all is well with you, 'cause the news is reporting some nasty weather, and the pics of your beautiful home have left me pleasantly stunned again. Congratulations! I hope the move has been (is?) pure joy and excitement. Many happy times to you in your new home.

Machinist said...

Thank you, Chell. It is nice to see you here. We moved in just over two weeks ago so we are getting set up. I am assembling eight bookcases for the library now. The weather has been stormy but aside from one roof leak that showed up today and some torn shingles we are well. I am glad we don't see the blizzards you get there. We had a little snow Thursday before last but I am sure you would snort at it. I check your blog almost every day and things look well. I hope that is true.

I have more pictures and will post them soon. I have been busy (lazy).